CMJ 2011: Day 5 – 10/22/11 – Purity Ring and Wavves at Fader Fort

My last CMJ 2001 musical journey was held exclusively at Fader Fort, for two acts I was really pumped to see: Up-and-coming Canadian band, Purity Ring, whose song “Ungirthed” has made them one of my favorite new bands, and existing TMA fave, Wavves. Knowing that the crowds would be pretty insane for FF day 2, […]

Best Coast and Wavves: The New Courtney and Kurt?

It’s probably been said before, but it just came into my mind yesterday as I was listening to “Honey” by Best Coast at the behest of the BSB — Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino loves Hole, and boyfriend Nathan Williams of Wavves loves Nirvana. Does that equal Best Coast and Wavves being the new Courtney and […]