Spielberg Cannot Choose Between James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor

Steven, I TOTALLY feel your pain on this one. Which hottie Scottie is worthy of your adaption of “Flight 103”? Continual saucy Scot Ewan, or rising new-comer James? THIS IS A TOUGH ONE. Although I love both, I have to say, James is on a hot streak and has been doing some of his finest […]

Anthony Rapp Gets a Nod on the Golden Globes — Waaahh?

MTV is so lame sometimes. Like their new Handpicked album. Coldplay “Yellow,” Travis “Sing”… Five for Fighting, Yorn, Adams. Oyyyyyy… But we like the picture they put up on their website of good ol’ CP. Which brings us to something more enjoyable. MTV2 premiere Thursday– KYLIE MINOGUE. Gentlemen, start your engines. I missed Ewan on […]