All Tomorrow’s CMJ Party Crashing

Want a guide to all the different official/unofficial CMJ parties you can crash this week? (Think free booze, good music, pandemonium, shelter from the cold.) Check out the CMJ 2008 Flyer pool on Flickr. Not that I encourage party crashing… but FYI… the beautiful Lykke Li is playing a private V magazine show tomorrow at […]

After the Jump’s Unofficial CMJ BBQ

If you can’t get enough of our CMJ offerings on Wednesday night, check out the After the Jump Unofficial CMJ BBQ happening this Saturday, October 25th at the Yard in Brooklyn. Unofficial means NO CMJ badge needed for entry! Just take one look at the stellar lineup and you’ll be convinced. It’s a great chance […]

Being Old Is Easier Than It Looks

As we descend further and further into old-lady-hood, we’ve discovered we’d rather watch “Miss Match,” Cody Banks, “Endurance 2,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” and the Kylie “Fever” DVD during our weekend downtime rather than partaking in the CMJ festivities by seeing The Cooper Temple Clause at Irving Plaza, trying to […]