March Madness: The Adventures of Bag Head from Alone Together – Issue 1

Rounding out the final week of Strokes March Madness. This one is a scan of one of the picture pages in the first issue of Alone, Together, the now defunct official Strokes fan club. So many Bag Heads. It’s hard to choose your favorite.

March Madness – Alone, Together – Issue 1

Yes, this is where all the Alone, Together newsletters first started, with Issue 1. The intro letter was by Matt Romano, and although he called for folks to rename the newsletter (because technically the fan club was called “Alone, Together,” not the quarterly mail outs), I don’t think that ever came to fruition. EDITOR’S NOTE: […]

March Madness: The Strokes Roseland Magnet

Got this hugenormous magnet of the Roseland Ballroom marquee when The Strokes played from the Alone, Together fan club. At the time I thought it was soooo hilarious that it read “THE STROKES – SOLD OUT” Ah, memories… Every day in for Strokes March Madness I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archive. Please tweet […]

March Madness: Alone, Together Lottery Ticket

You know how when people get up in age, they can turn into a crazy old cat lady? Well I’m realizing that after 20 days of consecutively posting about old Strokes memorabilia for Strokes March Madness month, I’m in the danger zone for being the archetype “crazy old Strokes lady.” Despite that chilling possibility, I’m […]

March Madness: Alone, Together – Issue 4

Just getting this one in under the wire for Strokes March Madness month. Back in the early 2000s, The Strokes had a paid fan club that you could join and receive mailed newsletters from the band. Here’s the “ace” of a cover of the fourth newsletter from Winter 2003. Love the slogan, “Forget What You […]