Stellastarr* Gets Coco for Jezebel James

When you watch ads for the new Fox television show starring Parker Posey, “The Return of Jezebel James“, you might recognize one of the tunes playing–“Coco” by New York band Stellastarr*. Apparently the character that “Six Feet Under” star Lauren Ambrose plays is Parker Posey’s (Sarah) sister–a wacky, carefree spirit named “Coco”–so the marketing department […]

Live-ish Blogging The 2008 Oscars

8:29PM: Sitting down with a quart of Ben & Jerry’s right now in front of the television, waiting for the Oscars to start. Will update when something notable happens. 8:35PM: Daniel Day Lewis, earrings on both ears… yay or nay? Colin Ferrel, how/why is he allowed at the Oscars? 8:36PM: James McAvoy! Sitting next to […]

Old Navy Commercial Makes My Brain Hurt, In February

Ok, so has anyone been going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS since Old Navy started airing those ridiculously ANNOYING ads for their spring fashions? You know, the one that has some winsome-sounding girl singing about how her “arms get cold, in February”? These commercials are so cloying that I end up screaming at them the […]

The Moldy Peaches on “The View,” January 21st

In order to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The Moldy Peaches will be making an appearance on The View on January 21st–surely due to the fact that the Peaches are featured all over the soundtrack of hit movie, Juno. That is SO crazy! UPDATE: To see video of the Peaches on The View, check […]