Trendrr Analysis: Does Vampire Weekend Owe Success to Sweaters?

My friend Mark just started this awesome website called, which allows you to track and graph all sorts of different data, then slice, dice, and compare your findings at will. Want to track record sales of “Consolers of the Lonely” against the frequency of “internet downloading” on Google News? Just punch in the appropriate […]

New York Times Popularizes the Term “Blipster”–Guaranteed To Offend Just About Everyone

In a article about indie music lovers who happen to be black, published on January 28th on, included the following passage: There is even a new word for black fans of indie rock: “blipster,” which was added to UrbanDictionary .com last summer, defined as “a person who is black and also can be stereotyped […]

Rachel Bilson: Official So Cute I Can’t Take It

What can I say…Zach Braff has a way of just looking at something longingly out of the corner of his eye and it immediately gets a coating of industrial strength quirkiness. Looks like Zach’s latest project, The Last Kiss, is no exception. The marketing campaign is geared toward “the kids” as it were–young adults on […]

The Music Biz: Where Waving Around Your Private Parts Is Not Grounds for Getting You Fired

The music industry is such a weird place. Why is it that it’s perfectly legitimate to use your naughty bits to sell records? For most people posing in compromising positions is a way to get yourself fired, not a raise. This totally came to mind when I was reading this New York Times article today. […]

Welcome to Our World, Welcome to Our World of Blogs

Ohmigod! I just found out about this cool new thing. It’s called “blogging.” It’s like the hottest thing ever. I just read about it on this thing called the “internet“! All kidding aside, I just saw this right now. New York magazine’s newest issue takes on “The Blog Establishment.” It’s a lengthy article by Clive […]

I <3 U. I H8 U. When Text Messaging Takes a Turn for the Worst

I absolutely love this article by Sandra Barron that appeared in the NY Times “Modern Love” section about the rise and fall of a relationship…all via text message. When I forwarded it to some of my friends, they loved it too…although for some of them the story line was a little too close for comfort.