An Ode to Iceland

The last year’s worth of bad news about Iceland (bankruptcy, volcanic ash, etc.) has saddened me quite a bit. When I visited the country in 2006 for the Iceland Airwaves festival I fell in love with the uniqueness of the landscape (from glaciers to geo-thermal heated pools) and the quirkiness of its people. I never […]

Road Trip USA!

Hey y’all. You may have been wondering what the heck I’ve been doing over the last couple weeks (obviously it hasn’t been updating). Well, I was on a totally awesome road trip across America. I just got back (and I’m still a little jet lagged) but here is a little taste of some of the […]

Thoughts on the Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Hey everyone, I’ve been here in Los Angeles for the past couple of days. Yup, from Inauguration to Academy Award land. It’s been a bit rainy, but it’s pretty nice not to have to wear a big puffy down jacket when I go outside. Tom Cruise’s star is under a construction site. On my way […]

Kickin’ It In DC at the We Are One Concert

Hola! Arrived in DC proper today. Headed down to the We Are One concert, but clearly did not get down there at anything resembling early, so we ended up walking down to the Washington Monument and watching from there, but on the way we saw Hoda Kotb from the Today Show. Er…you can sorta almost […]

Back from My Vacation!

I took a much-needed vacation last week to Ocean City, Maryland. (I know, not as glamorous as say… the Riviera or Belize… but there was a beach!) Sure it looks warm but it was freeeeezzziinnnnggg I got to freeze my buttocks off by the seaside. (Beaches are not perpetually warm… even in September.) I felt […]