Briefly Back in the City

Have gone off deep end of 30-something British relationship hysteria media pool (although not there yet). Bridget Jones’s Diary and currently reading About A Boy by Nick Hornby. Will watch A Clockwork Orange later (thanks Michelle!) to get out of Anglophilia funk. Will watch Sliding Doors after to get back into it. Oh shit. The […]

Just Say “No” to Pretension

In the thinking corner this morning… as the New Year approaches, many of us start to think about our New Year’s Resolutions. With this in mind, I think it’s appropriate to bring up something that has recently come to my attention. As part of an on-going series on pretension, let’s examine this phenomenon that seems […]

Love for London and the Irish

London digi pics up in the Photo section. I love when random Irish people randomly mention The Strokes… even if their name isn’t Neil. Music of the Moment: “It’s True We Love One Another,” The White Stripes and Holly Golightly; “Fuck Her Gently,” The D; “Girls, Girls, Girls,” Jay-Z

Props to My ‘Net Peeps

I heart Quarlo and Frankie Boots. Brilliant mix of images and sounds. Link to Quarlo from You Look Good In Black. Link to Frankie from Quarlo. The wonders of a pencam and Dutch from Matthew Trump’s Blij Je Te Zein. Music of the Moment: “Gonna Make You Love Me More,” Ryan Adams; “Whole Again,” Atomic […]

Office Music WARZ!

Hey, maybe someone can answer this for me… Hypothetically speaking, if you were to get into the office and put on a CD and then leave the room for 10 minutes would you find it strange that a co-work should be hovering over your computer when you came back in? Then they look up and […]