TMA Archives: The Best of November 2001

I’ve been going through all my first posts, trying to categorize them and re-format them so they don’t look all wonky, and I’ve been reading some of THE MOST HILARIOUS posts ever. You know, I started this site over five years ago when I was in college, and it’s just so amusing to read the […]

Random Thoughts I Had on Fashion and Self Image…All Because of Lily Allen. This Post Will Make No Sense.

Recently I found someone came to this site on a search for “dress like lily allen”, and that got me thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe someone out there is actually searching for that!” So that got me thinking about Lily and fashion, so I did some searches of my own. On a search for “Lily […]

Happy Turkey Day!

Today is the day where everyone text messages me at 11am while I’m still sleeping. Their texts say “Happy Thanksgiving” but what they really mean is, “Please save me from my family and/or the people I’ve chosen to spend this holiday with”. Or maybe my friends are just enthusiastic about holidays before 12 noon. In […]