Revisiting My Rock ‘n’ Roll Past

So… remember when I used to be a music blogger? Erica Campbell wrote a great piece about the rock ‘n’ roll days of yore for her Vinyl Me Please article “A Rock ‘n’ Roll Blog of One’s Own.” I, along with some of my dear contemporaries, Melody Nelson, New York Doll, and Ultragrrrl, was interviewed […]

1980s Flashback: Puffball Popple

I have tons and tons of old paraphernalia at my mom’s house, and I’ve been going through some of it and some of the stuff I saved is just too good not to share with the rest of the world. So for your first installment of “Stuff I’ve Saved” I brought out the big guns […]

A-Holes Reveal How Big of A-Holes They Are to the NY Times

Have you read this New York Times story about people who leave their air conditioning on all day long? The reason many of them leave their AC on? Because electrical utilities are included in their monthly rent!!! Many of these people claim that they keep their AC on in sympathy for their pets, which I […]

Keane Make Waves at the Williamsburg Waterfront

Long-time readers already know that whenever I mention the word “Keane,” a mention of my mom couldn’t be too far behind. As I’ve explained over and over on this site, my mom LOVES Keane. Basically every time Keane is within the tri-state area I get an email from my mom alerting me of the concert […]