New York Times Popularizes the Term “Blipster”–Guaranteed To Offend Just About Everyone

In a article about indie music lovers who happen to be black, published on January 28th on, included the following passage: There is even a new word for black fans of indie rock: “blipster,” which was added to UrbanDictionary .com last summer, defined as “a person who is black and also can be stereotyped […]

Rob Sheffield Reads from His Book, “Love Is a Mix Tape” at B&N Tonight

Check it out! One of my favorite music writers on the planet, Rob Sheffield, will be reading from his new book, Love Is a Mix Tape, tonight at 7pm at the B&N at Astor Place. If you have ever read Rob’s stuff in Rolling Stone, you know that he has a passion for music and […]

The New York Times Gets Around to Correcting Their Errors…One and a Half Years Later

Way back in June of 2005, I had a hissyfit when in a Jon Pareles article about Coldplay, Pareles wrote that Travis and Embrace were influenced by Chris and co. I commented on the article in their forums (which I NEVER do) since I was so outraged, having been a fan of both Coldplay and […]

Am I Too Old to Completely Enjoy SPIN’s Year in Music Party?

So as you might have noticed, for the last few months I’ve been Captain Super Boring, rarely going out to see *gasp* concerts and even less frequently going to dance/club nights of my friends. On one hand that makes me feel like a bad person, on the other hand I am an old lady and […]

Critics…Critics Who Rate Critics

Time Out New York‘s latest issue takes New York critics to task by dissecting their knowledge, style, taste, and influence and ranking them. For music critics, The New Yorker‘s Sasha Frere-Jones comes out on top, with a 4.98, and New York Times critic (and favorite TMA villian–yup, still pissed about that Strokes review like 3 […]

Albert Reveals His Love of Raisin Bran and the Location of His Apartment

Check out this NY Magazine article about Albert Hammond Jr.‘s favorite places to eat in Lower Manhattan. When Albert isn’t eating Raisin Bran, he eats at some pretty great places like Brown, Frank, and La Esquina. But anyone else happen to notice this little nugget?: I had Japanese that night — I go to Esashi. […]