Meg White Steps Out with the Raconteurs in Detroit

Writes a poster on the Little Room message boards about the June 8, 2008 Raconteurs show in Detroit, Michigan: Meg did sit behind pk’s [Patrick Keeler’s] kit for a min, and I went complete ape shit. I thought she was gonna play a song, but then pk came up and said “sorry honey, wrong band” […]

The Raconteurs: Friday Night @ Terminal 5, NYC

Quick update before I head out to do something productive today… Last night I headed out to the wilderness that is known as Terminal 5 here in NYC in order to see the first night of The Raconteurs‘ three-show stand in the city. Having never been to the venue before, I was quite surprised by […]

Chris Martin: Afraid to Leave Grandma’s House

Some complaining about Coldplay’s crappy contract with EMI/Capitol from Chris in this interview in the Guardian, surprised? Chris Martin tries to explain why Coldplay isn’t doing cool free/instant/independent things like bands he obviously admires/looks up to like Radiohead and the Raconteurs: “Being on a major label at the moment is like living in your grandparents’ […]

Is Coldplay Biting My Chemical Romance’s Style?

As you might already know, I love Coldplay and have been a long-time fan, but I’m not above pointing out how ridiculous they are–and by “they” I mean “Chris.” I am simultaneously interested and embarrassed by everything they do. As I’ve already established, Coldplay have a long track record of creating the ugliest album covers […]

Jack White Will Save Your Life, Then Continue Rocking Your World

An eagle-eyed reader emailed in with a link to this story from the Kansas City Star blog “Back to Rockville“: Imagine you’re a girl, and you love the Raconteurs. You go see them at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, and your having a grand time, when all of a sudden you faint. The crowd […]