Random Photos/Emails I Found In My Gmail Account

Currently my Gmail account is at 97% full–I know that seems humanly impossible, but it’s true. So I’m taking some time this weekend to go through and delete some of the old stuff I have on the account, and I came across some things that I thought some of you might enjoy. Check it out: […]

Sondre Lerche’s Secret Inspiration: Alex P. Keaton?

Yesterday I was flipping through my choices on Netflix Instant (aka The Best Thing Ever Created) when I decided to watch Season 1 of Family Ties, which was probably the best decision I’ve made all year long. Family Ties is possibly the best show EVER. Even 20+ years later, the episodes are still funny and […]

Sondre Lerche and Sylvie Lewis @ Bowery Ballroom, November 20, 2008

My computer power cord snapped this morning, so unfortunately my videos are held hostage at the moment, but last night’s Sondre Lerche show at Bowery Ballroom was charming as per usual. Hopefully a photo will do for now: Sondre tested out four new songs he’s been working on, including “Heartbeat Radio,” and the “world premiere” […]

Sondre Lerche on Letterman Tonight

Hooray! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2007 SONDRE LERCHE PERFORMS “TO BE SURPRISED” FROM DAN IN REAL LIFE SOUNDTRACK ON “LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN” THIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th Film & Soundtrack Due Out Next Week Album features 11 New Sondre Lerche Compositions And Performances By A Fine Frenzy And Regina Spektor Sondre Lerche will […]