The Kiss of Death for Ryan Adams

Sorry buddy, People Magazine just put you down as “Set to Sizzle in 2002.” Taking bootlegging to a new level… getting the artist to actually sign away their souls for free promotion. Yow. Makes you want to re-think going to Irving Plaza, no one’s telling me if I’m being freakin’ recorded! And wait a minute- […]

Ryan Adams Loses a Fan

From a White Stripes list: Saw Ryan Adams this weekend, a sold out show, big theater…show highlights included: excruciating 25-minute guitar jams that SUCKED, ryan swearing at and taunting the audience, strenuously arguing the point that he is NOT a poser and that he makes more money than any of us in the audience …lengthy […]

Get Over It: Jack and Meg White Were Never Married

Dude… the intro to the Leno program said, “Musically acclaimed singer… Ryan Adams.” *Snort* Ewan. On. Leno. Tomorrow. ::breathes:: Rerun of The Strokes on Conan December 10. Can we finally bury the hatchet on this are they, aren’t they business about Jack and Meg? THEY AREN’T. THEY’RE NOT. THEY WERE. Why did they do it?, […]

“I’ve Been Emailing Julian Casablancas” and the Dark Side of Being “The Next Big Thing”

There is a thread on called “I’ve been emailing with Julian for Months now…” and it is simply THE FUNNIEST posting I’ve read this month. There is all this complicated IP address listing, and then someone kicks in at the end showing that the IP addresses are coming from a UK address (BT Internet) […]