Mandy Moore Is Simply Delightful

Yesterday night I braved the impossibly miserable weather to check out the record release party for Mandy Moore‘s new album, Amanda Leigh, at Joe’s Pub here in NYC. The new Mrs. Ryan Adams (to my knowledge sans Ryan Adams in the audience), who was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt with a slim fitting […]

Ryan Adams Rolls Out a New Website

You knew it couldn’t last long…that’s right, Ryan Adams‘s addiction to the internet has called him back to the blogging world, this time complete with real-time updates via his new Twitter account @ryanada_ms. Clearly he was inspired by the few minutes he hijacked wifey Mandy Moore’s Twitter account @themandymoore last week. Guess who’s back…and who’s […]

OMGWTF? Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are Engaged

ARUUUGHHHH! Mandy Moore’s rep has confirmed to E! News that she and Ryan Adams are currently engaged…you know, TO BE MARRIED. Who knew that everyone’s favorite perma-bachelor had it in him to be prepared to tie the knot…however, he is the enternal romantic, and he DID just release an EP titled “Extra Cheese.” …Still a […]

Ryan Adams Gets Extra Cheese-y

Ryan Adams is in the mood for love: The prolific troubador has released a new EP titled “Extra Cheese” in advance of Valentine’s Day. The extra play contains a studio recorded version of fan favorite song “Hey There, Mrs. Lovely,” in addition to some of Ry Ry’s most swoon-worthy songs, “Answering Bell,” “Desire,” “Blossom,” “Two,” […]

Ryan Adams: The Most Prolific L’Homme Fatale?

My friend Alyse sent over this humorous/terrifying story from the New York Observer that dissects the practices of a type of New York male they call the Homme Fatale–he’s a man who’s not necessarily attractive, but always seems to be surrounded by scores of beautiful (and eventually heartbroken) women. And despite the fact that the […]

Jack White and Ryan Adams Both Try Their Hands at Journalism

Tired of simply of blowing our minds with amazing music, both Jack White and Ryan Adams have decided to only let their pen and papers do the talking. In the latest issue of Interview magazine, Jack plays journo and interviews the stunning Cate Blanchett. And according to Page Six, Ryan Adams has been making good […]