March Madness: My First Strokes Show – Sept 28, 2001 in Providence, RI (with Live MP3)

One day when I was going through my stuff for Strokes March Madness I had a sudden epiphany — In the early 2000s I had a bizarre habit of recording tons of stuff on cassette tape, so I wondered if I might have recorded anything Strokes related. Lo and behold, I found a 90 minute […]

March Madness: The Strokes Roseland Magnet

Got this hugenormous magnet of the Roseland Ballroom marquee when The Strokes played from the Alone, Together fan club. At the time I thought it was soooo hilarious that it read “THE STROKES – SOLD OUT” Ah, memories… Every day in for Strokes March Madness I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archive. Please tweet […]

March Madness: Alone, Together Lottery Ticket

You know how when people get up in age, they can turn into a crazy old cat lady? Well I’m realizing that after 20 days of consecutively posting about old Strokes memorabilia for Strokes March Madness month, I’m in the danger zone for being the archetype “crazy old Strokes lady.” Despite that chilling possibility, I’m […]

Re-Doing Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Yes, “Friday” by Rebecca Black is the song that this great nation loves to hate. But you gotta admit, there is something to be said about a video that can capitivate/horrify millions of people. Here are some cover versions of the now infamous song… TGIF? Asian dude doing a pretty great a cappella version (actually […]

March Madness: The Wyckyd Sceptre Tour All Access Pass

In 2002, members of the Alone, Together fan club received an “all access” pass to commemorate the Strokes’ “Wyckyd Sceptre” tour. Tour dates of the entire tour were listed on the back of the pass. Every day in March I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archive. Please tweet or FB like if you enjoy […]