Rolling Stone’s Latest Picks and Pans

Check Starsailor (dude- Walsh “brings the madness”), Clinic AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (can you believe the locals made it?!) in Rolling Stone’s “10 Bands You Need To Know” list. “Alias” cover. Dang. Please look past the Hoobastank and Andrew WK. Rolling Stone also tips their hats to The Shitty Beatles. Word. But they hate […]

There’s No Question Mark In “Is This It”

Finally watching the Coldplay “Request” bit on M2. Guy and Jonny mutter nothing. Jonny’s wearing the ugly green hat, and Guy is wearing his brown one. The one I was looking at when I told him to cut his hair. Aaah. Takes me back to… last week! (Was that really only last week? Damn.) I’m […]

Greil Marcus Hearts Julian

Yeah blah blah blah blah…On speech… Check out this interview with BRMC. They like Joy Division. They like The Strokes. Shocker. Dude- a re-airing of an 11/8/01 talk on the World Trade center featuring my buddy Eric Darton is on C-Span right now. I’m flippin’… the channel, that is. Oh sh*t… The Strokes AND the […]

The Moldys Were So F*cking Great! And No One Is Online For Me to Tell!

They were really so fantastic- and the verdict on Adam Green? DEFINITELY A-DORA-F*CKING-BLE! So cute. So Beck meets Julian Casablancas. SO young. So… *sigh.* What a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving weekend! ADAM GREEN, I LOVE YOU. MARRY ME. But the show.. Altogether the show wasn’t bad. I didn’t go to the show […]