Two Out of Three Ain’t Good?

Ouch! I was just reading an interview with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from The Guardian, and the writer Lynsey Hansley contextualized the YYY’s place in modern rock by commenting on two of my other favorite American rock bands: In the three years since Fever to Tell‘s release, their New York counterparts the Strokes have released […]

Something Like a Phenomena Baby

Hooray! Tonight’s show so much better. People were clapping and cheering. It was all great, except for that one guy who kept screaming “MACHINE!” That was awesome when Karen said, “This next song is called ‘Machine’,” and then I’m sure the guy got all excited and then she said, “No, I’m just kidding. We’re not […]

Tell Me What You Saw, Tell Me What You Saw

One of the best things about going to a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ is that you can order food in the dining area of the venue. Which basically makes Maxwell’s the rock club where you can have the quickest dash from your dinner to your concert. It takes about 1 minute to cross […]

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Gold Lion” Let Loose on the Internet

You knew this day was coming…by now everyone has heard the Diplo remix version, but here’s the real version of “Gold Lion,” which will be the single off their upcoming album. Head over to Philabuster for the link to the track! UPDATE: You can stream the song from the YYYs official Web site.