March Madness: Alone, Together Lottery Ticket

You know how when people get up in age, they can turn into a crazy old cat lady? Well I’m realizing that after 20 days of consecutively posting about old Strokes memorabilia for Strokes March Madness month, I’m in the danger zone for being the archetype “crazy old Strokes lady.” Despite that chilling possibility, I’m […]

March Madness: The Wyckyd Sceptre Tour All Access Pass

In 2002, members of the Alone, Together fan club received an “all access” pass to commemorate the Strokes’ “Wyckyd Sceptre” tour. Tour dates of the entire tour were listed on the back of the pass. Every day in March I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archive. Please tweet or FB like if you enjoy […]

March Madness: Nikolai Fraiture Interview from 2001

Today’s offering for Strokes March Madness: Here’s a 2001 interview that Nikolai Fraiture did with a college publication cleverly called Univercity. My favorite part is when Niko is asked whether the band would change its sound over time or whether they would stick to what they were doing (in 2001), he responded, “For the moment, […]