Who Knew Moldy Peaches Were So Tasty?

The Nintendo Game Cube. Otherwise known as “One Way To Become the Most Popular Person In Your Building.” Hyperventilated today. I’ll explain further after Wed. Julian Casablancas + Beck + DNA = Adam Green… who is ONLY 20 YEARS OF AGE! It’s a crime. Thou shalt not covet anti-folk stars younger than yourself. I still […]

“He Beats Me Because He Loves Me” and Other This Muttered at a Strokes Show

In the John Stossel “Give Me A Break,” category… from Splendid. Can’t we think of more clever rumors?: Were you near the stage when media darlings The Strokes played in Chicago? Did you notice the fan directly in front of the stage, taunting frontman Julian Casablancas by calling out requests for Kraftwerk’s “The Model”, Madonna’s […]

The Strokes, Chris Klein, and Kylie…Obviously

I did some transcribing at work today. Chris Klein (you know, the one with the “man breasts”) is such a dummy. I can’t divulge what the contents of the interview were but all’s I’m saying is that he must really like cookies. It’s the only question he found interesting, saying “Oh… wow. That’s a great […]