Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith @ the CMAs

It’s really nice to see the P!@TD guys trying to make a crossover into country, but they are looking a bit haggard. Hard emo livin’? Remember when Panic! at the Disco thought they were Prince and decided to change their name from Panic! at the Disco to simply Panic at the Disco? Don’t worry, you […]

Cab TV: I Hate Talk Stoop

Out of all the annoying programs and commercials that play in the back of NYC cabs, probably the worst offender is that show, “Talk Stoop.” The woman who does the interviews is pretty much the worst interviewer ever. She always asks the most assinine questions and really, I’m not sure why she gets to host […]

Denny’s All Nighter Appeals To Your Hungry Inner Emo

Last night I went to an event celebrating the launch of what could possibly be the greatest marketing idea of all time: Denny’s + late night menu + emos. Yes, that’s right–make way for the greatest invention of our time, the Denny’s All Nighter Menu. According to the official press release: To further expand its […]

Is Coldplay Biting My Chemical Romance’s Style?

As you might already know, I love Coldplay and have been a long-time fan, but I’m not above pointing out how ridiculous they are–and by “they” I mean “Chris.” I am simultaneously interested and embarrassed by everything they do. As I’ve already established, Coldplay have a long track record of creating the ugliest album covers […]