Rufus Wainwright’s Ode to The Killers’ Brandon Flowers

The joy in my life increases x10 because ONTD exists. Quothe Rufus in Time Out (London): ‘Tulsa’, about Killers frontman Brandon Flowers sounds particularly intriguing. ‘I don’t know him that well,’ Wainwright admits, ‘but I wrote this song about him which is kind of hilarious – it says he tastes like potato chips in the […]

Ahahahah “Tribute on Nutz”

Did anyone just see the Tribute on Nutz skit on Conan O’Brien with Chris Martin of Coldplay singing the “We’re the Slipnutz, Look He Fell Down, I Slipped on Some Nutz” song? I just sort of died laughing inside. Other “Slipnutz” fans include Patti Smith and John Mayer. Pretty amazing. UPDATE: It’s now available for […]

Merry XXXLMAS…from Chunky Pam

Hoolllaaaa atcha! This little ditty, written by former Fever frontman Geremy Jasper, and played by his cousin—actress Ashlie Atkinson aka Margaret Thrasher of Gotham Girls Roller Derby–“Chunky Pam” just wants to spread some butter all over her bread, as well as some holiday cheer. Check out the video for the song, “Merry XXXLMAS (Pam I […]

More in Musical Moments: NPH and Jason Segal Do “Confrontation” from Les Miz

For anyone who ever loved Les Miserables, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal doing “Confrontation” on the Megan Mullally show. AMAZING, although I have to say a little part of me got embarrassed for EVERYONE who watched that. Link from Gawker.

Watch Out! Attack of the Killer White Stripes Bot!

In another installment of “what happens when fans have too much time on their hands,” I present to you the killer White Stripes Bot Space Station, as spotted on Graznador’s Flickr! Look how cute Meg White looks in space! And look, Jack White sure is happy to be in zero gravity–look at that beaming smile.

Has Demetri Martin Jumped the Shark by Getting Into Bed with Microsoft? Clarification on “Clearification” Marketing Campaign

I have to take a break from the White Stripes/ Jack White/ The Strokes posting marathon to talk about this link that birthday girl Fotini sent me. If you weren’t aware, I LOVE comedian Demetri Martin. I have never laughed harder than when I saw him do his “These Are Jokes” show in Greenwich Village […]