Ryan Adams Returns to Blogging

What can I say, the man just cannot help himself. Kinda like how peanut butter goes with jelly, Ryan Adams and insane internet postings kinda go hand in hand. The onetime prolific marijuana-fueled message board poster cum mp3 recording artist cum infamously broken-hearted video blogger has now unleashed yet another new project in the form […]

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Tomson Has a Case of the On-Camera Giggles

I couldn’t help but be bemused by the most recent commercials for the Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend episode of Saturday Night Live happening this weekend. NBC are now airing ads featuring the four New York band members standing behind Amy and an SNL cast member, but instead of watching Amy Adams, who is usually the person […]

The Modern Age Wins a 2008 Shockwave NME Award

As of tonight I have a lot in common with the Arctic Monkeys, Kate Nash, the Klaxons, and Facebook. We are all 2008 Shockwave NME Award WINNERS! Muwahahah. YOUR VOTING was the key in helping this lil’ ol’ blog win a 2008 Shockwave NME Award for Best Music Blog. I would like to thank YOU, […]

Old Navy Commercial Makes My Brain Hurt, In February

Ok, so has anyone been going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS since Old Navy started airing those ridiculously ANNOYING ads for their spring fashions? You know, the one that has some winsome-sounding girl singing about how her “arms get cold, in February”? These commercials are so cloying that I end up screaming at them the […]

The Modern Age Is a Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 Nominee!

Move over Arctic Monkeys, Jack Penate, Lily Allen, and Jenny Lewis! Just when you thought that this blog wasn’t about music, NME has decided to nominate this lil’ old website as one of the Best Music Blogs for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Of course it’s just an honor to be nominated alongside fellow […]