Kelis Brings Her Milkshake to the MisShapes

Nas‘s number one lady, superfly superstar Kelis, performed made an apperance at a jam-packed MisShapes tonight. When I first got there around 1am there was a line of well-dressed hipsters around the block, and the cops were inside busting underage kids and checking to see if the venue was overcrowded. Hence NO ONE was getting […]

Your New Movie Star Boy Crushes: The Treadaway Brothers

Today I went to the premiere of Brothers of the Head, a new British movie showing at the IFC Film Center. The film is about Siamese twins who rise to fame as a punk band in the 1970s. It’s basically the story of what would happen if Carl Barat and Pete Doherty had been born […]

I Love Me Some Siren Festival: Part 2

[Read “I Love Me Some Siren Festival: Part 1] Last I left off, Ryan Jarman was bleeding while the Cribs were playing. I got super-excited when they busted into “Hey Scenesters!“, a blistering song about… well… vapid scenesters, which is one of my favorite songs of the moment–although there are so many levels of subtext […]

I Love Me Some Siren Festival: Part 1

I was so excited to attend this year’s Village Voice Siren Festival due to the AMAZING lineup. So excited I was up and running at noon in order to meet up with Jeff and get to Coney Island right when the festival was going to start. Getting up and outside before 2pm is an unheard […]

Catch Me “DJing” and Bands Playing on Wednesday…and Emo Sondre Lerche?

Yeah yeah…I’ll be “DJing” aka- hitting “play” on the CD player and my iPod on Wednesday as part of the launch for the new site Haystack. Stop by and say hello! Here are the details: Wednesday, July 19th Haystack and Insound Present… @ Club Midway Ave B between 2nd and 3rd $7 at the door […]

Motherf-cker: An Affair to Remember

This year’s pre-Fourth of July Motherfucker bash included a performance by one of my favorite contemporary Brit bands, The Futureheads. I am tired, so I’ll update this space with some more interesting commentary later… For now, photos: I also got to watch Amanda Lepore and her crew film a segment for David Casey‘s upcoming film […]

Crib Notes for Jo Whiley’s Show 6/27

Here are some links for you to check out that are related to some of the stuff I talked about on Jo Whiley’s show today: Read more about Prince‘s show at Butter at Stereogum and Product Shop NYC. Get the blow-by-blow of the Lindsay Lohan/ Paris Hilton/ P Diddy scuffle. View photos and learn more […]