I Hope Marissa Cooper Dies a Slow and Painful Death

Earlier today I along with several other editors/ bloggers/ writer people received an email with one purpose: “Save Marissa Cooper from the OC!!!!!!!!”. No big deal, right? I don’t even watch The OC nor do I care about Mischa Barton so I didn’t even pay attention. But then I received ANOTHER email from a different […]

Rolling Stone Discovers Those Funny Little Things Called “Blogs”

So there’s this thing I keep hearing about, something called “the internet.” Then there’s this other really neat sounding thing I also keep hearing about, it’s called “blogs.” I read all about it in Rolling Stone, because they have a new “blog” on the “internet”: Rock and Roll Daily. All kidding aside, please read it […]

Live from NYC: The Reading Festival [Canceled]

Product Shop NYC presents: THE READING FESTIVAL featuring Chuck Klosterman, Marc Spitz, Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn”, Andy Greenwald, Caryn Ganz, and more special guests to be announced Rothko 116 Suffolk Street (corner of Rivington) Thursday, April 27th 7PM-9PM Event, Begins Promptly at 7PM $5 Cover UPDATE: Rothko will not be open tonight due to “structural problems”…this […]

Trend of the Week: Musicans Hating People on the Internet…and Each Other

Just when you thought Nick Zinner was the only guitarist that was going to stick it to his critics this week, the king of hating journos and the ‘Net has returned to upstage him. Yes, that’s right, it’s the incorrigible Jack White! Check out the hate spew posted on the WS site yesterday: What a […]

Welcome to Our World, Welcome to Our World of Blogs

Ohmigod! I just found out about this cool new thing. It’s called “blogging.” It’s like the hottest thing ever. I just read about it on this thing called the “internet“! All kidding aside, I just saw this right now. New York magazine’s newest issue takes on “The Blog Establishment.” It’s a lengthy article by Clive […]