The Modern Age Is a Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 Nominee!

Move over Arctic Monkeys, Jack Penate, Lily Allen, and Jenny Lewis! Just when you thought that this blog wasn’t about music, NME has decided to nominate this lil’ old website as one of the Best Music Blogs for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Of course it’s just an honor to be nominated alongside fellow […]

Post Chronicle Writer Jim Brogan Artlessly Re-purposes My Article

I woke up this morning to find my blog post about this weekend’s Marty Crandall/Elyse Sewell’s mash-up in Sacramento totally re-purposed without any attribution by The Post Chronicle writer Jim Brogan. (Thanks for the notes from readers who also noticed!) Mr. Brogan has blatantly taken my January 5th blog post–swapping in synonyms every now and […]

After the Jump Festival 2007: A Supermassive Hit!

Thanks for making the first ever After the Jump Festival a major success! Official After the Jump Cards Ra Ra Riot packed the house, then brought it down. The Virgins strutted their stuff. Official t-shirts of the festival…in a variety of colors! Locksley made the ladies swoon. (Myself included.)

After the Jump Music Festival august twenty-fifth, two thousand and seven line-up to be announced shortly curated by the people behind: themusicslut . batteringroom . disconap . earfarm . ryspace . irockiroll . musicsnobbery . merryswankster . softcommunication . theunderratedblog . sitdownstandup . watercoolergossip . bumpershine . themodernage . productshopnyc . yetidontdance . slapyouinpublic . subinev . pukphoto . […]

Dragging the (Assumed) Hilton Name Deeper into the Paparazzi and Courtroom Mud: Perez Hilton

Holy crap! I was in the magazine shop today and they had Fox News on their televisions. All I heard were the words “celebrity blogger” and “sued” and my ears perked up and when I looked up at the screen I saw a giant picture of Mario (aka Perez Hilton) staring back at me. “Celebrity […]

I’m the Oldest Person Here: Live from MTVU’s Woodie Awards 2006

7:50 PM Hiya everyone. So right now I’m sitting here at a table at Roseland Ballroom waiting for the Woodie Awards to start. There are eager fans lining the floor of the venue directly in front of me, and the artists tables are to my right. Tegan and Sara‘s version of “Walking with a Ghost” […]