Band of the Day: The Middle East Comes to the USA

Right now the Australian band The Middle East are touring the United States for the very first time, hitching a ride with headliners Laura Marling (through May 11th) and Mumford and Sons (through June 10), ending with a spot at Bonnaroo.

The band back their ethereal, dreamy vocals with a myriad of instruments — from the folk guitar picking in their song “The Darkest Side” to cheery Sufjan Stevens-style trumpeting in “Blood”.

WATCH “Blood” by The Middle East:

If that charming little song didn’t spur you to learn more about them, perhaps this will. Their drummer Mike Haydon has been keeping a tour blog about their first time touring America and this little bit made me chuckle:

this was a taco bell attached to a kfc. UNEXPLAINED. i mean, why would you combine the two? this was disturbing. like it really got to me. a CHICKEN store…and a TACO store. why were they not just single stores?

As most Americans probably know, KFC and Taco Bell are owned by the same company (Yum Brands) and they often share a space. I LOVE that these Aussies are totally perplexed by the fact that tacos and fried chicken should co-exist. THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS AMERICA HAS TO OFFER.

Now for sweet free MP3s:

DOWNLOAD: “Lonely” by The Middle East
DOWNLOAD: “Darkest Side” by The Middle East
DOWNLOAd: Blood” by The Middle East

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