Lessons Learned at “Calling All Kids”: Dudes Love Backpacks

I stayed up past my bedtime and headed over to Audrey‘s new weekly Wednesday night party at Sapphire, “Calling All Kids”. Going to this party is like hitting a fiesta at one of your friend’s apartments, except your friend’s apartment doesn’t have a built-in bar and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling…or does it? […]

Limited Edition White Stripes Poster Set Sells Out In Less Than an Hour!

Woah! I can’t believe how many deep-pocketed White Stripes fans exist in this world. Well, I guess there are at least 50 of them who like to wake up for a 9am EST sale, because a limited edition set of the 11 posters created for the White Stripes most recent North American tour (below) completely […]

The Needs Best Days Probably On Someone’s Camera Phone

This is sad news, the British quintet The Needs (formerly know as Special Needs) has decided to call it quits citing widespread band depression and ominous feelings as the cause of their demise. Guitarist Andrew Pearson had this to say: “It’s a bit hard to admit your best days are well and truly on someone’s […]

Now that Meg’s a Model, Will Karen Be Forced to Take Up the Drums?

It seems as though you’ll soon be able to see Meg White‘s mug starring back at you from a fashion magazine as Meg is the face of an upcoming campaign by designer Marc Jacobs. From Vogue UK via Candy Cane Children: “There are all sorts of people I’d like to work with,” he [Marc Jacobs] […]