Julian Casablancas and Jack White Reunite in Mexico City

Judging by the amount of email and DMs I’ve received, it seems important for me to post about the fact that Julian Casablancas joined Jack White and the Raconteurs onstage in Mexico City last night (November 18).

The played “The Modern Age”. Julian still grabs at his lapels.

Watch the video and get all the feels.

This takes me back to 2002 when both the White Stripes and the Strokes were riding their first waves of major music popularity and they teamed up to do a set of shows in NYC.

This was my reaction after seeing them perform the same night at Radio City:

I think I was at The Strokes/White Stripes last night.


Kinda still feel the same way, even after all these years.

More on the show over at Pitchfork.

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