“JAWS on the Water” Movie Screening: Cool and Absolutely Terrifying

Ok Austin, in the contest for coolest movie screening concept ever, you very well may have won the grand prize. I pretty much flipped out last night when I saw this picture of an Alamo Drafthouse screening of Jaws where people were watching the film while floating in the water on intertubes.

JAWS on the Water moviegoers
Photo by P. Young

Unbelievably cool! My friend, who was at the screening, shared there were scuba divers intermittently pulling people’s legs under the water during the film. So mean, but so hilarious! I guess the bright side of getting piss your pants scared during this screening was no one was ever likely to discover your indiscretion.

According to the Alamo Drafthouse, they originally executed this concept in 2002 at a different location, but for the 40th anniversary of the film they decided to bring back “JAWS on the Water”, but this time doing a suped-up screening at the Texas Ski Ranch in a man-made lake they normally do wakeboard and waterski lessons.

Based on the Twitter feedback, it sure seems like JAWS on the Water was an amazing experience:

NYC sure has some amazing movie screenings, but really nothing like this. Color me jealous!

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