Extra! Extra! All the Jack White News Fit to Print

In this week’s edition of “Jack White Weekly” there are a number of exciting updates:

1. Jack’s debut solo album, Blunderbuss has been released! What are your thoughts? I’ll be taking an in-depth listen this weekend during a road trip.

2. Jack White is going to write, produce, and perform the score for Walt Disney Pictures’ version of The Lone Ranger which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie “Winklevii” Hammer as John Reid, the Lone Ranger. Wait a minute – are Johnny Depp and Jack White allowed to be attached to the same project? Isn’t that kinda like them being in the same room together — impossible?

Although Jack contributed songs (and appeared in) Anthony Minghella’s Cold Mountain and one of those James Bond movies (please, let’s all try to forget that duet with Alicia Keys), this will be his first outing into feature film scoring.

3. Jack will be doing a special show for American Express Unstaged right here in NYC on Friday (April 27th) at Webster Hall. Even if you can’t be there in person (like me), you can watch the whole affair courtesy of the internets and Jack White’s VEVO channel starting at 9pm EST. The stream will be directed by eternal bada**, Gary Oldman. Yes, that Gary Oldman.

Trailer for the show:

The Third Man Records Rolling Record Store will also be in town starting tomorrow, giving out clues to where you can find one of the five pairs of free tickets to the show. Hit them up on the Twitter to see if you can sleuth it out.

4. Anyone else see something weird about everyone mentioned in this post?

(From L-R: Johnny Depp, Jack White in Another Mag, Gary Oldman in Dracula)

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4 replies on “Extra! Extra! All the Jack White News Fit to Print”

  1. I thought the Jack White/Alicia Keys duet was great. What didn’t you like about it? It has a sick riff (one of Jack’s best), a cool arrangement and great lyrics. What’s not to like?

  2. I thought Alicia’s voice wasn’t really right for the song — especially when they sang together — it sounded like they were trying to shout over one another. A little weird IMHO.

  3. I hear that. I think it would have been better if they harmonized with each other, rather than sing the same part at the same time.

  4. Doesn’t anyone notice that it really seems over produced these days? Maybe Jack spoiled me with the raw approach. I feel like he’s now in that weird “Fat-Elvis-in rhinestone-suits” period. Sixteen salteens? Rock for backward baseballs caps, anyone? Sorry if I’m being hard. It’s just hard to see one of my favorites not thrill you anymore.

    I just wish Jack White and Greg Cartwright would get together… with Dan Auerbach recording. The main fella being Cartwright. Please!

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