Things From Last Month: Foster the People, Cut Copy, Johnny Marnell, Kalli

Hey y’all. Sorry I have basically fallen off the face of the planet in terms of updates. August was a great month — saw lots of good music. Here are some of the shows I witnessed:

The biggest blowout I attended last month was on August 11th for Celebrate Brooklyn‘s last concert of the summer, featuring Aussie dance party gods, Cut Copy, and California wunderkids, Foster the People. So much crazy dancing, so much fun! (And a damn near Lindsay Lohan sighting!)

Lead singer Mark Foster told a story about how when he was a teenager he approached Rivers Cuomo at a party and tried to get him to listen to his demo. Fast foward to 2011, and now Weezer has been known to cover “Pumped Up Kicks” in concert. As an homage, FTP did a cover version of “Say It Ain’t So”:

Cut Copy wants you to feel the power!

Crowd during Cut Copy finale

The only bummer was during the show I decided to head into the crowd to get my groove on and instead some dude burnt me with his cigarette. BAD CONCERT DUDE, BAD!

Oh and every time I went to Celebrate Brooklyn this summer I had a foodgasm because The Farm on Adderley was the fancy food purveyor. Delicious fried green beans, life has never been the same since you’ve touched my lips!

Get in my belly!

The next night (Aug 12), after Sir Jeisenhair brain explosion, I headed to Rockwood Music Hall to catch Platinum Hit reality TV cutie Johnny Marnell do his thang.

Johnny sings with his baby bro on backup.

Of course the venue was packed with chock full o’ lady admirers, dreamily looking up at Mr. Marnell. Adorable! Oh and apparently the New York Times was there — explains why that less than thrilled camera dude was at the show.

The next week I had the absolute JOY of hanging out with my friend from Iceland and his friend Karl, who is the brains behind the Icelandic band, Kalli. Managed to catch his act twice — once during a stripped down solo gig at Pianos, and then another with an accompanying percussionist at Fontana’s. It was like Iceland Airwaves 2006, all over again!

Kalli at Pianos

Kalli at Fontana's

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