The Raveonettes @ Beekman Beer Garden – 7/31/11

Last Sunday I had a pretty radtastical casual day at the Beekman Beer Garden at South Street Seaport watching those oldies, but goodies, The Raveonettes do a free show by the Manhattan waterfront.

I can’t tell you the last time I saw the Raveonettes in concert — probably the mid-2000s time frame — but I’m happy to report that they still rock out. Admittedly, you’ve heard one Raveonettes song, you probably have heard them all (heavy guitar sound, pretty light vocals and harmonizing), but they are enjoyable nonetheless.

On a normal night the Beekman Beer Garden crowd is basically B&T and tourists, but the concerts crowd was a mix of enthusiastic youngsters (free! during the day!) and old timers who crawled out of the woodwork to relive the adventures of their younger selves. Lots of little rocker kids as well, adorable!

Are all Danish people this attractive? Jeez

The kids just wanna rock
You can always count on Sharin Foo to add some glam

Behind the music

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