Theater Nerds Perform Newsies “Seize the Day” in Madison, WI Protest

If you were a pre-teen girl in the early 1990s, then you probably were in love with the Disney movie musical Newsies. Since then it’s kinda become this cult classic musical theater nerd favorite — trust me, if you mention it to women in their late 20s/early 30s, they’ll probably squeal with delight.

Well it looks like a bunch of musically-inclined folks in Wisconsin have used the pro-union Newsies anthem “Seize the Day” to get their point across to legislators who want to pass a bill that would cut the rights of unions to collectively bargain:

I’m not sure that dressing up as 1890s newsboys is the most effective form of protest, but it sure is adorable.

On a side note, a staged production of Newsies is going to open up the 2011-2012 Paper Mill Playhouse season. Expect geeky pandemonium to ensue.

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