PHOTOS: Best Coast + Wavves @ MHOW

More shots of last night’s Best Coast + Wavves “Summer is Forever” tour stop at Music Hall of Williasmburg:

Best Coast:

Bethany led a clap along to one of her songs. And flexed some amazing arm muscles covered with tats. Those barre classes are doing your body good, girl!

But you know what I just realized that just got me super excited? Bethany was wearing one of those crystal necklaces I used to wear when I was in middle school (see below). My grandmother gave me a few of them and I thought they were sooooo cool at the time. I wonder if Bethany’s grandmother gave her her’s.

I think Bethany definitely looks better with darker hair. Brings out her eyes and looks great against her skin tone. Keep up the good (color) work!


I decided if I ever have kids and one of them is a boy I’m going to give him this haircut and make him dress like this. He’s probably going to grow up hating punk rock music and end up as a Wall Street banker. I’ll fail at raising a cool kid, but succeed at having financial security in my old age.

Half the audience was wearing plaid shirts. The other half was wearing striped shirts. We all probably looked like a bunch of idiots. But Nathan topped us all by wearing a plaid shirt on top but then underneath…

…STRIPED SHIRT! BAM! In your face laws of pattern matching!

Check out those shoes! Christmas-y argyle print in the house!

The limited edition WAVVES Starter cap was for sale for $30. I really kind of really wanted one because they were pretty cool but decided I was too old to wear a baseball hat with a marijuana leaf on it. The dude next to me bought the last one!

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