Everything Changes…and Dead Weather on the Woodies

You may have noticed the lack of updates — sorry about that, but I just made a big move from my beloved (but tiny) Lower Manhattan apartment to… Brooklyn. Yup, I’ve officially defected to the “other” camp, and although I had my reservations, I’m loving it so far.

Anyhoo, finally got the internet and cable set up this week, and I just happen to catch the tail end of MTV’s Woodies awards last night, with a performance by the Dead Weather. Was it just me or was the sound AWFUL, and the camera work equally as disorienting?

Definitely not their best performance. What a shame, since their show at MHOW was so fantastic the night before.

Check out the video of their performance of “Cut Like a Buffalo”:

Some un-aired performances of “Hang You From the Heavens” and “Treat Me Like Your Mother”:

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4 replies on “Everything Changes…and Dead Weather on the Woodies”

  1. I love to watch Jack play the drums. I might like him more on drums than guitar. I don’t know. There was no distortion to the mike. Did you see Allison trying to make it sound that way?

  2. Jack White follows under Jack White, cute boys, and music categories, and is a great drummer to boot. Allison Mossheart from the Kills isn’t bad either. One of the few “supergroups” that I find tolerable.

  3. censorship is weird. how come he can sing, “you’re a prick with a pin woman” but “i’m a pr— when i sin” has to be blanked?

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