PHOTOS: Ryan Adams and Mary-Louise Parker Talk Poetry @ NYPL Live

Some photos just for now of the nearly two hour talk that Ryan Adams did on Friday with Mary-Louise Parker at the Celeste Bartos Forum at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library for NYPL Live.



The charming twosome chatted about Ginsberg, Frederick Seidel, the mob mentality of Internet haters, Ryan’s writer’s remorse about his first book of poetry, vitamin A salad, battles with addiction and alcoholism, and much much more. Updates to come!

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2 replies on “PHOTOS: Ryan Adams and Mary-Louise Parker Talk Poetry @ NYPL Live”

  1. i’d like to begin the mob internet hating by saying ryan adams has probably never read a book by ginsberg in his life. maybe the cliff notes. this coming from someone who actually really likes his music.

  2. Wow Eugene, haha. Talk about pointless, idiotic bullshit.
    I love how presumptuous you are, for apparent reason other than to be a dick.
    If you knew anything about Ryan’s taste in literature and poems, you’d know that he owns and has surely read many books by Ginsberg, including, most likely, biographies on the man. He keeps a copy of Allen’s Complete Collected Poems on a bookshelf at the foot of his bed.
    Keep being an asshole. The world can’t enough of the likes of you.

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