ANNOUNCED: Ryan Adams and Mary-Louise Parker @ NYPL Live

After reading that headline, did your mind explode? Well it should have, because it’s enough when musical genius Ryan Adams and actress extraordinaire Mary-Louise Parker (aka the insatiable Nancy Botwin from Weeds) are on their own — putting them together in the same room is nearly fatal to the hearts of cool hunters worldwide.


LIVE1smFor an hour and a half the two Carolina natives (Adams- North, Parker- South) will be discussing poetry and fiction, and Adams’s upcoming book HelloSunshine, at the Celeste Bartos Forum of The New York Public Library at 6PM on September 25th as part of the NYPL Live series. Tickets to this 500 person event will go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, Sept 9th.

I can already see myself sitting there, eyes darting back and forth, my chest beating fast, and the little neurons in my brain completely frizzling out because I’ll be unable to determine who I should be focusing on at any given moment.

I think you’re all aware of my undying admiration to Mr. Adams, but my love for Mary-Louise Parker has gotten little play on this site so far, so let me just say ever since Fried Green Tomatoes, I have been in the M-L P camp. Fearless, uber-talented, and super-sexy – how could you NOT adore her? And let me just say, over five years since his breakup with M-LP, I can’t completely shake off my gnawing dislike toward Billy Crudup.

If you’re wondering what could be the possible connection between these two, one guess would be Adams’s wife, Mandy Moore, who starred with M-L P in 2004’s film comedy Saved!

It seems as though the multi-disciplined Adams’s will be the talk of the town that week, as this event falls directly after his stint as the first-ever artist in residence at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

And, for the Adams-obsessives, Foggy TV is back! Ry Ry posted a “Happy Birthday” song two days ago:

Happy Birthday from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

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