“It Might Get Loud” Makes You Wanna Turn It Up

As you probably already know, the new documentary It Might Get Loud featuring legendary electric guitar players Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2), and Jack White (White Stripes, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather) opens this Friday (Aug 14) in NY and LA. The film, helmed by director Davis Guggenheim (executive producer of An Inconvenient Truth), focuses on the three guitarists and their individual relationships with the instrument.


Tonight I had a chance to screen the film, and I’m pleased to report that fans of rock ‘n’ roll have nothing to fear–the movie is a joyous celebration of all things axmen. Even if you go into the theater without being a fan of any of the featured guitarists, by the end of the film you’ll have a newfound respect and reverence for all of them. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ll end up running home and spinning all your old Zeppelin, U2, and White Stripes albums and finding yourself listening to them with a whole new set of ears.

Guggenheim is careful not to put the three men on a pedestal, rather he paints a picture of these men as regular guys with extraordinary talents. However, he does allow for their individual personalities shine through: Page comes across as an extremely likable, sweet old man, The Edge is a soft-spoken, yet passionate presence, and White is the fiery, opinionated youngster of the bunch. In fact, White displays some of his love of the odd by conducting a portion of his interviews with a identically dressed 9-year-old boy portraying a younger version of the musician.


The film is comprised of thematic vignettes of all three musicians together chatting about their guitars with individual visits with each to childhood hometowns and rehearsal spaces in their current geographical bases. While the individual interviews are essential to understanding who each of these men are, the scenes of the three guitar titans are the most riveting of the film. Watching as they learn each other’s songs and jam together will bring a smile to your face.

Music fans will be smitten with this film and the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the learnings/thoughts/philosophies of three generations of iconic guitarists.


Part of the film features footage of Jack White writing and recording the song “Fly Farm Blues” on the spot. The track was released on Third Man Records via iTunes today.

From the official White Stripes mailing list:

“Fly Farm Blues” is a song that was written on the spot by Jack White at the request of film director Davis Guggenheim while filming the incredible new guitar documentary It Might Get Loud which features in depth looks at Mr. White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page’s relationships with the six stringed instrument. Jack also recorded the song immediately to two-track, all while being filmed for the documentary in the attic of the Fly Farm. Some may remember the room this scene was filmed in from the first video for The Raconteurs single “Steady, As She Goes”, which was directed by Jim Jarmusch. “Fly Farm Blues” is released on a special one sided 45 RPM vinyl by Third Man Records and on iTunes today.

Trailer below:

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

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  1. I live in Ct so I’ll be heading to nyc this weekend to check it out! Can’t wait! Thanks for the review, it made me even more stoked!

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