The Dead Weather Sit Down to Another Interview

Last Wednesday MTV sat down with The Dead Weather to chat about the new album and their upcoming tour schedule. Not surprisingly, Mr. Jack White did most (ok, all) of the talking:

Hilariously DW frontwoman Alison Mosshart spends the first portion of the interview acting as Jack’s microphone stand, holding the interview mic with two hands propped up on her knees. Later she swaps the microphone for a rust-colored plastic cup, and even later she ditches hand props all together.

In the interview White contends that everything about The Dead Weather happened organically and naturally in a go-with-the-flow sort of manner. “If you sit down and write on paper, ‘OK, …this is the kind of band we’re going to be and it’s going to look like this and sound like this,’ I mean, forget it, man,” explains White.

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5 replies on “The Dead Weather Sit Down to Another Interview”

  1. cool post. This band is pretty interesting, I like what i’ve heard so far.

    Has anyone heard about the white stripes film? apparently brian eno is producing like 20 white stripes songs for it or something?

  2. everyone’s hair is black, clothes are black, topped off with black leather jacket. love it.

  3. If I ever end up in being Jack White’s 573rd band, I’d make sure to hog the whole interview and tell the interviewer the band was all my idea, and having Jack take up accordion duties was mine as well.

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