Tickets for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Secret Show @ Santos 4/12

As Brooklyn Vegan posted, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are rumored to be doing a “secret” show at Santos Party House tomorrow. The band, who are performing tonight on Saturday Night Live, have not posted anything about the show on their official site, nor have Santos.

If you choose to believe what has been written on Brooklyn Vegan, there are about a billion possible scenarios tomorrow, BUT I put a call in to some folks, and to the best of my knowledge this is what you can expect:

There will be a show tomorrow (Santos can’t officially say who is performing), and the headliner of said show will go on at 10pm. There will also be an opener band who goes on an hour before at 9pm. According to my sources the only way to get in (minus being on some super special list) will be purchasing tickets at the door tomorrow. No word just yet on how many tickets, or what the cost is per tickets but “that’s the only way to get in.”

However, if you would like some alternative options on how you can get into the YYYs show at Santos tomorrow (Easter Sunday!), here are some suggestions:

1. The Ol’ Hiding in the John. Pack a backpack full of rations and hide yourself in the bathrooms after the Apache Beat/Violens early show OR the Four Tet DJ set late show tonight (see flyer below). Pray no one finds you, and surface only after doors have opened for tomorrow night’s show:


2. Pull a Sitcom-Worthy Stunt. The BSB wrote in this option: Put on some cooking gear and a white chef’s hat. Don a crazy curly mustache and acquire an over-the-top French accent. Carry a silver plater with a food cover up to the Santos door. Tell the door people that you are there “too feed zee Yeah Yeah Yeahszz!” When they tell you that they have no idea what you are talking about, start getting aggitated. “Do you knowhh whhhooo I am!??! Look at zee band’s rider. Zee Karen O getz VERY mad if she does not get her fois-gras! Do you want to see an aggitated Karen O?!” then push your way through security.

3. Put Your Back Into It. Dig a secret tunnel from the alleyway that goes under the club and opens into the main stage area. Set up a ticket booth and charge people to get in. What, you’ve got at least 24 hours!

UPDATE: Review of the show!

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