Rock-a-Doodle Doo

Have you ever wondered what on Earth those poor souls who are stuck managing “the list” at the doors of clubs and music venues do for hours and hours while everyone else is inside enjoying themselves?

What could they possibly be doing to keep themselves from perpetual boredom as they’re positioned behind those podiums, or standing around with those official-looking clipboards?

One door girl has decided to reveal the fruits of all that seemingly less-than-interesting labor with her new blog “Door Girl Art,” which showcases all the music-inspired doodles she draws while guarding the door.


Recently entries reveal that a Lissy Truly show inspired sharp, concentrated asterisks (above), while a Rakes concert produced frenetic zigzags and stripes.

But why doodle at all? According to a recent NPR report, doodling actually helps the brain on task and prevents you from daydreaming.

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