Tickets: The Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom

The tickets went on sale this morning… did you snap some up? They seemingly all got bought the moment they went on sale.

Unfortunately I was denied. Anyone want to help a fellow fan out? Email edit @ 🙂


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  1. fucking.hate.ticketmaster. I was logged on and refreshing since 9:58 am, then 10 come on and “sorry…other tickets may still be available. kill me. now.

  2. A bunch of people posted the same frusterations on the little room dead weather forum too…looks like the 500 tix sold before 10. Ticketmaster is terrible.

  3. yeh i was on it refreshing from 9:58 too and nothing for 2 or 1 ticket. laaaame.

    henry! howd you do?

  4. there were only 500 tickets? that doesn’t seem right. my friend got tix and invited me to go but i cannot make it to nyc on a tues. 🙁

  5. I was on the phone at 9:59am with ticketmaster, thinking I was being smart. Yeah right. As soon as it turned 10am the rep said, “sorry all the tickets for that event are sold.” WHAT??? How can that be????? He response, “Maybe some of the tix were reserved and not for sale.” Uhm okay. Tired of getting shifted out of seeing good bands becuz scalpers have found a way to flood txmaster. ASSES!!!

    A sad fan from NJ

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