Blind Item: Strokes Sighting at Bowery Ballroom

Guess which Strokes member is currently taking in the sounds of The Rakes and The Dig at the Bowery Ballroom right this minute? Word is he’s looking well fit and is there with his lady love

It’s starting to feel like 2004 all over again!

Read about the show over at Music Snobbery.

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8 replies on “Blind Item: Strokes Sighting at Bowery Ballroom”

  1. Julian and Ryan were at the show. I was talking to one of the singers of the Dig after the show and he said they practice next door to the Strokes and asked if they would come to their big show at the Bowery. Julian and Ryan said sure and went to see their gig….

    They are always so good about supporting up and coming bands….

  2. Hey, so good to have news of the strokes! and, yes, all that excitement of 2004 is coming over and over again.
    so… how well fit he was looking? haha

  3. So what if Julian was there with his lady love??? Are we suppose to be impressed? Everyone knows he is married.

    I saw him at a New York Jets game last year and he looked awful.

    Seriously, the Strokes are going to have to produce a masterpiece of a new album to become successful again. They have been totally eclipsed by Interpol.

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