VIDEO: Beth Ditto Stage Diving In Her Underwear at Fendi Party

Love cover girl Beth Ditto of The Gossip was recently profiled in the New York Times as she traipsed around Paris Fashion Week.

She was flown over and housed in a swanky Parisian hotel by the Italian leather goods company Fendi in exchange for performing “a ‘secret’ hourlong set for the invited elite at a club appropriately known as the VIP Room,” according to the Times.

The fearless fashionista, who has taken to wearing designer duds by fashion world darlings like Jeremy Scott, has recently been deluged with fashion invites as a result of her daring nude Love cover and has quickly made friends with some bold faced names like fellow rebel Kate Moss, who was at The Gossip’s Fendi gig alongside boyfriend Jamie Hince of The Kills.

At the Fendi party, Beth sang a selection of new songs as she stripped down to a dazzling pair of sequined bra and undies. “In a final act of defiance,” reports the Wall Street Journal, “she dived off stage onto several members of the audience.”

Check out video of Beth’s stage dive and crowd surfing below. No, the girl Beth pulled up from the crowd wasn’t Kate Moss (it’s actually a young member of the Fendi clan), but you can see Kate help Beth up toward the end:

More video:

Thanks to HT for the head’s up.

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  1. Why the hate? She is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately for me she is gay, but I love her look.

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