VIDEO: White Stripes Perform on Conan O’Brien’s Last Late Night Show

As previously reported, the White Stripes appeared as the final musical guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The duo, who previously had not performed live together in years, deviated from their standard set up of guitar and drums and instead Jack and Meg whipped out a pair of guitars to perform a slow, sweet version of “We Are Going to Be Friends.”


In introducing the band, Conan said he was “personally thrilled” that the group was performing for his last episode on Late Night.

Dressed in the standard color palate of red, white, and black, Jack and Meg stood side by side behind an old fashioned microphone. Jack, clothed in all black, took the lead by playing a white and red acoustic guitar and Meg, who wore a long white and red flower print prairie dress strummed along with an electric guitar using distortion.

As the Stripes sung out the last lines of the tune, “I can tell that we are going to be friends,” both Jack and Meg looked up and sang to one another. At the finish of the song, Conan came over to thank them, and while shaking hands with Jack, he leaned over and said that their performance “meant the world to me.”

Did you see the set? If so, what did you think of the WS reunion?

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31 replies on “VIDEO: White Stripes Perform on Conan O’Brien’s Last Late Night Show”

  1. I think I was expecting something more.. but still, it was really nice to see them again 🙂

    Oh, and Jack needs to stop smoking.. his teeth are looking rather yellow ..ick.

  2. i thought it was just lovely, and very heartfelt….regardless, jack and meg will always be starcrossed lovers…

    and yes, i also got that impression of meg.

  3. Highlights of the performance for me were Meg’s gown from the crazy house, and close-ups of Jack’s just-been-kicked-in-the-pants face.

  4. I love the White stripes and I thought it was BAD!
    Jack seemed to hardly be able to sing the line almost sounded sick.
    Meg who I’m still unhappy with for calling off the last tour look like she was high as a kite.

    They failed Conan

  5. I was excited when I heard the White Stripes were going to play on Conan, but was really disappointed in their appearance.

    The re-arrangement of “We’re Going To Be Friends” left a lot to be desired. Does anyone know what is up with Meg? Is she pregnant? Was this the reason she couldn’t play the drums?

    I am a really big fan of the White Stripes and was hoping for something spectacular that would have made the final show something to remember, but this performance just didn’t cut it.

    Is it possible that they got they call to play and weren’t stage ready with rehearsal time and did the best they could with short notice? I sure hope that they get back to their former selves and start kicking ass once again.

  6. Kinda odd performance. Not sure exactly what they were going for. I dont mind, though; any bit of airtime devoted to the White Stripes is good enough for me.

  7. Conan introduced them saying that they didn’t think it could materialize but they made it. I don’t know if Meg is pregnant but maybe has just gained some weight. Of all the red and white outfits out there, she could have picked something that was a little more flattering to her figure. Jack seemed genuinely emotional when he was singing. His voice did not sound good but I love him anyway. They tried to give us all something new and different but they wanted to send the message of the song. Honestly, that is what I love about seeing The White Stripes. They always surprise me. Go Meg for being on national television and standing up proud with a guitar instead of hiding behind a drum kit.

  8. I love the White Stripes more than most things and thought the performance was simply OK. It was nothing special, nothing mind blowing, it was just a performance of a song by two rusty band members. Had it been by most other bands it would have been horrific—considering they haven’t played together in forever and this was last second—but he is Jack White and he, “knows rock’n’roll like sugar knows candy.”

  9. it shouldn’t matter how last minute this was. they have been together for over 10 years. playing this song should’ve been like riding a bike.

    i was at the last show in southaven and had tickets to 4 shows that were cancelled so to say i was looking forward to this is an understatement.

    i’ve been a huge fan since de stijl and have never been disappointed by a white stripes performance….until now.

  10. This was an incredibly emotional performance and far from disappointing in my mind. The raw quality of their style has always been the foundation of thier unique brand of music and they did not fail Conan in saying goodbye to the Late Night show. Jack’s fighting back tears made it even more heartfelt.

    This version was a surprise as well. It was a stunning performance and sounded like they came up with it especially for the show. Meg on guitar with the tape echo effect was a very nice touch.

    I have watched a few dozen times and it never loses its special quality. That was a performance I will never forget.

  11. Seems by the look on his face like he knows they can’t hit the notes and their harmonizing is flat.

    Ouch, did I just write that?

  12. Isn’t that a Jack Johnson song from the Curious George Soundtrack?

    Did Jack White write that?

    I enjoyed it but it did seem that Jack was sick.

  13. Don’t care about how Meg looked. Don’t care about how Jack looked. But that had to be one of the worst live performances (of a 3-chord song, no less!) I’ve ever heard in my life. Grimace-worthy. And I love the Stripes.

  14. That was, um, pretty bad.

    I’m pretty sure Megan just borrowed a guitar from Jack,and jack simply said, “look like your playing it now and then, and occasionally harmonize.” Sadly the harmonies were non existent, and jack really should have just played solo, it would have been much better.

  15. They were doing the song to the melody of a song that Conan Always sings on his show. It was brilliant.

  16. What do you mean they haven’t performed together in years. I just saw them last summer in Ottawa, Canada.

  17. It was a bit odd, but great to see them nonetheless. When they’re on tour, they’re the best rock show out there!!!
    SueCity I hate to break it to you, but you saw them in 2007. Jack toured with the Raconteurs in 08.
    By the way, Meg looked great! Although that dress left something to be desired. Jack was definitely straining to sing that way, but it was an interesting “cover” of their own song.

  18. The first thing that came to my mind was Bob Dylan. He’s notorious for changing his own songs, sometimes to the point of being unrecognized. The bottom line is Jack White is no longer the man that people came to love and know. Money changes things. I think we’ll see a solo/folk/country album soon.

  19. I’ve loved the White Stripes since DeStijl, but I am sorry, Meg White is one no-playin mofo. I knew that she couldn’t play drums, but she really can’t play guitar and couldn’t play guitar and sing at the same time at all.
    I think that Jack must be the only human on earth who could play with her. I guess he must have gotten used to it over the years. She can’t keep time for shit, but some how Jack manages to play along. Just my opinion of course. I couldn’t do better myself, but I can listen…

  20. I see some people saying this was a “odd performance” “leaves alot to be desired” and “jack could hardly sing” do you morons even listen to the white stripes??

    Great little performance!, classic white stripes, allways keeping it fresh.

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