CONFIRMED: White Stripes Play Once More for Conan’s Last Show in NYC

You’ve heard the rumors about the White Stripes possibly performing on Conan’s last show as host of Late Night on NBC. The rumors are true! The New York Times reports:

Jack White and Meg White, the rock duo better known as the White Stripes, will reunite to perform on the Feb. 20 broadcast of NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” the band’s publicist said in an e-mail message. The show is Mr. O’Brien’s final episode as host of “Late Night” before Jimmy Fallon, the “Saturday Night Live” star, takes over on March 2; Mr. O’Brien becomes host of NBC’s “Tonight” show on June 1.

Who else is excited?!?!

The last time the duo performed together was in 2007.

This, unlike Ryan’s announcement = GOOD BDAY NEWS.

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8 replies on “CONFIRMED: White Stripes Play Once More for Conan’s Last Show in NYC”

  1. I really wanted to write these guys off. Well, not Meg…she can do absolutely no wrong. But I’m really tired of the RaconBORES and their not so rockin’ tunes. Hopefully this performance will showcase some new songs that are indicative of a new record. Maybe Little Jack and Pat Keeler will return to Craig Fox and The Greenhornes will put something out…

    Maybe I’m just tripping and this’ll be a one off thing and we won’t hear anything from our favorite stripes for another year. Crap…maybe I just need to settle down and twist up a joint. Yeah…that’s a much better area to focus on today.

  2. I was supposed to see them in Albequerque, New Mexico in September of 2007, but it just so happened that they canceled their tour beginning with the concert I was supposed to see. I want to see Jack White play in real life just once before I die. I have fallen in love with the sexy, in-your-face, passionate way he plays his guitar. I will watch “Under Blackpool Lights”, a bootleg of Glastonbury 2005, or just listen to their cd’s, when I’m not feeling well or in a lot of pain…I can get lost in the emotion I hear and feel…it’s very soothing. Thank you, Jack and Meg for what you have brought into my life.

    (I posted this same reply on the first article about this.)

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