Jack White and/or The White Stripes on Conan, Feb 20

According to the interwebs, Jack White and/or The White Stripes will be guests on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien show here in NYC. Waiting for confirmation from a more reliable source…

As you may recall, The White Stripes have had a long love affair with Conan, appearing on his show multiple times, and even featuring him in their video for “Denial Twist”:

Thanks to O. for the head’s up.

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6 replies on “Jack White and/or The White Stripes on Conan, Feb 20”

  1. Yay!
    It’s been way to long..
    Guess that means Meg is doing better.. I read she was at the Jim Shaw fundraiser last weekend too


  2. I was supposed to see them in Albequerque, New Mexico in September of 2007, but it just so happened that they canceled their tour beginning with the concert I was supposed to see. I want to see Jack White play in real life just once before I die. I have fallen in love with the sexy, in-your-face, passionate way he plays his guitar. I will watch “Under Blackpool Lights”, a bootleg of Glastonbury 2005, or just listen to their cd’s, when I’m not feeling well or in a lot of pain…I can get lost in the emotion I hear and feel…it’s very soothing. Thank you, Jack and Meg for what you have brought into my life.

  3. AHHHH! OMG OMG OMG!I’m sorry but I LOVE Jack and Meg…hopefully if they come, they’ll bring some album news with them!

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