The World’s Most Annoying Song

Have you ever heard an awful song and moaned, “Ughh! This song is horrible!”

cdcoversmWell what if I told you that this 20-some-odd minute song by Russian artists Komar & Melamid is THE worst song ever? It’s been out a while, but I was just listening to a recent This American Life episode where they played snippets of the tune.

How did Komar & Melamid create this irritating ditty? By polling 500 people on the DIA website about the elements of their favorite and least favorite music.

Apparently people do not like holiday music, cowboy tunes, children singing, harps, opera, and rap… and this song mixes all of those elements (and much more) into one horrible song.

However, I dare you to listen to the sounds of a chorus of kids singing about Yom Kippur and Ramadan and not give out at least a little giggle.

DOWNLOAD: “The Most Unwanted Song” by Komar & Melamid via the Wired site.

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  1. There used to be this show on VH1 back around 2000 that was written by a bunch of ex-Daily Show folks that was reporting on various kinds of pop culture ephemera. There was a segment on K&M’s “most” and “least” popular songs and showed them recording it. (Looked on YouTube, no dice.) I think you can still buy the CD at the Dia Center gift shop.

  2. Who’s annoyed by kids singing? Jesus Christ have you seen the latest Barney episodes, they suck because they got rid of the kids, stupid, stupid, stupid. I still hate walmart, but those kids were obviously being ironic.

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