Former Hot Messes Lily and Britney Clean Up Nice

Ok, so sometimes I’m a bit slow to catch on the things happening on the internets, but I semi-try to keep informed… here are some new music videos that have sprung up in the last week from some notable people who at one time could have been described as “hot messes” or “trainwrecks” but have seem to cleaned up their acts for the time being:


Ultragrrrl linked to a video of Lily Allen’s new song “The Fear.” I think Lily looks AMAZING. With her jet black hair hanging long, and the bangs going across her face, I think she looks like a white Gogo from Kill Bill walking through a Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers TV commercial. It was directed by Nez.

And of course the biggest turnaround of the week goes to Miss Britney Spears, who this time last year was fighting child abuse charges and generally falling into a downward spiral. But 2008 has been a bit kinder to Ms. Spears and has been hailed as the year of the “Britney Comeback.”If the new video for her song “Circus” is any indication, Britney is back, biotch! Ok, so she was a bit dodgy performing “Womanizer” and “Circus” on GMA, but she looks ridiculously hot in the video… but sadly she doesn’t seem to have gotten her once famous dance chops in order… Really, what is a Britney Spears video without a giant dance sequence? Oh well… keep it coming girl!

Now if we could only get Amy Winehouse in order…

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